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  • Curriculum

The Year 10 Guidelines

Part 1: Year 10 learning areas

The Year 10 Guidelines, developed by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority, are a curriculum planning resource that provide practical information and advice to support the transition from Year 9 to senior schooling. The Guidelines are organised in two parts.

The ten learning areas are:

  •  Business
  •  English
  •  Geography
  •  Health and Physical Education
  •  History
  •  Languages
  •  Mathematics
  •  Science
  •  Technology
  •  The Arts

Each Year 10 learning area includes:

  •  a rationale
  •  learning statements
  •  standards
  •  assessment techniques and instruments
  •  course planning advice.

This advice and information help schools make decisions about which courses to offer, how many learning areas their students should undertake, and the conditions or preferences for further study in a learning area.

Part 2: Year 10 learning options and advice

Part 2 provides information and advice about:

  • the Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan or equivalent
  • career development and work education
  • commencing vocational education and training
  • preparing for the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test
  • achieving a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) or Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA).