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HEIA(Q) professional learning for 2016
Home economics 2016: A defining time?

Throughout its history there have been many defining times for home economics in Queensland. Consider, for example, the introduction of Senior Home Economics, of hospitality subjects, of key learning areas as the organisers of curriculum and of a learning area called Design and Technologies. It could also be argued that the formation of the Home Economics Institute of Australia was another defining time. So, retrospectively, will 2016 be considered a defining time for Queensland home economics? There is great potential for it to be so, with the implementation of the endorsed Australian Curriculum, the planned release of the national home economics curriculum document from the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, and the shift to CQUniversity of home economics teacher education. Will the 2015 Paris plan for climate change provide impetus for 2016 to be a defining time during which all Queensland home economics teachers fully embrace the impact of everyday living on climate change?

HEIA(Q)’s 2016 professional development program, including its state conference, will provide an opportunity for Queensland home economics professionals to consider these various events that may well cause 2016 to be another defining time for home economics. Delegates will be able to consider not only the potential impact of these events, but also what we are doing as professionals and what action we can take to make 2016 a positive defining time for the profession. The conference invites an exchange of views around these events and the practices that will take us forward, including how we communicate what we do for greatest effect.